The Solana ecosystem is growing extremely fast with new-comers to the space everyday. Many of whom are priced out of the OG, Bluechip projects purely by luck of timing when they discovered Solana NFTs.

SMU appreciates all of our University Alumni who have moved on to create their Monkey Businesses, and we are now welcoming a NEW, equally awesome community of Solana Monkeys!

University is that time in life when things are simpler, and care free. You can spend every day hanging out with friends or making new ones!

With amazing people brought together with superb artwork, and an EPIC roadmap, SMU is set to become a long-standing institution on the Solana Network.

An Insane, Intelligent, Rowdy, Athletic, Geeky, Cool, Funny, and Dangerous New class of Solana Monkeys at University!

On the 16th of December, at 8pm UTC, 3,333 new students will enroll into the Solana Monkey University. Each SMU student is a unique and programmatically generated 3D Monkey PFP. There are millions of possible combinations, generated from 7 attribute categories, including: background, monkey type, clothes, hats, mouth, eyes & ears.

Whilst we have been inspired by a number of projects, the biggest inspiration is from the SMB’s. None of our NFT’s will be 1:1 replications of SMB’s (unless requested by the original SMB holder) & as a recognition to the original project, following launch we will be airdropping SMB’s the “yearbook” version of their monkey.

1st Semester


On December 16th at 8pm UTC, the SMU public launch of 3333 Solana Monkey University will go live with a Mint price of 1 SOL

We will also conduct an airdrop of Honorary SMB derivative to all SMB holders.

After the public launch, SMU will be available to trade on Secondary Marketplace, ExchangeArt and MagicEden

All SMU holders will have access to the Campus Clubs and will be able to participate in Giveaways.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

SMU Student Airdrops

Every month following the launch, we’re going to be dropping free exclusive NFT’s to SMU holders:

  • Month 2: Parlour Monkey ice-cream NFT’s in homage to Solana Summer
  • Month 3: SMU Dorm Rooms. Think TowerDAO x SOLParasite with unique room items generated from other NFT’s in your wallet, plus some exclusive pieces from BasketNFT, Sea3P0 & others
  • Months 4-12: Artists will be chosen by the community & commissioned to create artwork for SMU students. These could be anything from generative art to limited edition prints or hidden music tracks

Sneak Peek:

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

SMU Token, Staking & Governance

  • All wallets with an unlisted SMU during snapshot (tba) will be airdropped an allocation of SMU tokens.
  • The token’s primary use is to function as an in-game currency & will be listed on DEXLabs.
  • Tokens will also be able to be staked within the P2E game as “bank deposits”.
  • We may expand utilities in future including DAO governance for our Frat House & Campus Club DAO’s.
3rd Semester

4th Semester

PvP/P2E NFT Game

Users enter cities which have various stats regarding: available land; earning potential (GDP); emergency service response; crime & much more.

Once in the city, users can play two play-mode options: P2E and PvP.


  • Purchase vacant blocks of land on the map & develop them with revenue generating buildings.
  • Some locations on the map are better for certain building types for generating revenue, and we always suggest getting some form of security if you can. The streets can be a mean place!
  • As you progress, more profitable buildings will unlock allowing you to boost your earnings.


  • If you are undeterred by the presence of security or being caught by the police, you may prefer to generate income by lending out your security services as an unlicensed protection racket or by acting as guns for hire to sabotage other player’s businesses.
  • Playing as a thug, you can jeopardize a business’ footfall with some unsightly graffiti or a stink bomb. If a rival company is really serious to take over a competitor’s prime real estate, perhaps they’ll hire you to demolish the building.
  • Make sure you grow your crew big enough, though. If the police catch you, you may need to sacrifice a smaller member or your crew to do time for you.

4th Semester

The SMU will launch on December 16th at 8pm UTC at a Mint Price of: 1 SOL

  1. Install a Solana wallet. We recommend either:
    1. Phantom or:
    2. Solflare
  2. Head to the mint page on launch day (link in “official links” in the Discord)
  3. Press “Connect Wallet”. Make sure you have enough for the mint price, plus a little extra for transaction fees.
  4. Once you’ve connected your wallet, press “Mint”. Don’t refresh the page until you receive either confirmation or an error message. Error messages are common during times of high traffic
  5. Once the transaction has gone through, you will find your NFT in your wallet.

The first 500 members to our Discord server were awarded Big Brain status and were whitelisted.

Additional whitelist spots are available for various actions within our community. Check out our discord for more information.

Yes! SMU is not a direct derivative of the SMB, but on completion of our launch, all SMBs will receive the yearbook version of their SMB. Any SMB who appeared as a featured alumnus will also receive their SMB within the main collection if they choose.
The first 2 airdrops (Parlour Monkeys and Dorms) will drop 4 & 8 weeks after the mint closes. Every month following, holders will receive monthly NFT’s from community selected artists.

Our team is currently finalizing the mechanics and tokenomics for the game. Once these are close to finalization we will be holding Town Halls & AMA’s to update the community on the timelines.